Basically Two Types Of Bipolar Depression

There are two main causes of why bipolar depression symptoms can happen like. First is genetic aspect and second is physiology aspect. It is called genetic aspect when a person has this health disorder from he/she was born. He/she has this disease from his/her parents. This can be from father’s gen or mother’s gen. If one of the parents, whether father or mother has bipolar disorder, the children may have the same disorder with the statistics around 15% – 30%. If both of parents, father and mother have this bipolar disorder so the percentage statistics will be increasing for their children which are about 50% – 75 %.

It is called physiology aspect point of view because something wrong with the chemical brain liquids that will be the trigger of bipolar depression symptoms. Those chemical brain liquids are known as neropinephrin, dopamine and serotonin. Those liquids are very important to deliver messages to the brain. If something wrong happens to them, for example unbalanced condition between them this will make the brain cannot work properly.

The sooner bipolar symptoms are being diagnosed will be the best for the patients.

When this disease is diagnosed earlier will open the huge opportunity for the patients to have a normal life again. Yes, that’s right. With the right bipolar depression treatment, it is possible for the patient to be normal again. That is why when you find out the symptoms on yourself, you should go and see the qualified doctors to take some test on you. If you wonder whether you have bipolar or not, you can take a test to get the answer.

There some options that you can do bipolar depression symptoms test.

The first option is by consulting to the professional doctor. Before doing some tests from the doctors, they usually will ask you about your family history of this health disorder to trace this disease in your family. This way is also the best to find out whether you get bipolar disorder from genetic relationship or health reason. After knowing bipolar disorder types, it will make easier for the doctors to get the best treatments for the patients.

Another alternative way that you can do to bipolar depression symptoms test is taking the online test. Bipolar online test can accessed from the internet. There are many websites that offer this kind of test. You can also choose free bipolar online test. This way is the best way as the early detection way of bipolar depression symptoms. This test is considered more private than the first one because if you find out some bipolar symptoms and you decide to keep it as a secret no ones will know about it. But it is best for you to go and see the doctors to get detail and clear information, after find out the result from this online test of bipolar depression.

types of bipolar depression

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