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Bipolar disorder is very serious illness and should be treatable. More than five million people have this illness. Bipolar disorder definition is a mental disorder that is also known as manic – depressive illness. It is characterized by extreme swings in mood, energy and also activity levels. For normal people, it is common for normal people to have good thing and bad thing in their life. This situation will be different for them who have bipolar disorder as they can’t control their action and emotion. That is why treatment of bipolar disorder should be done right away after the symptoms are recognized.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder are one of aspects that will affect the doctors’ diagnosis to find out whether bipolar disorder is severe or mild.  Mania has symptoms such as happy feeling and endless energy. The patients will be very active and become talkative. In depressive period the condition will be very contrast. The patients will feel very sad and hopeless. This period may lead them have no energy to do anything including their favorite activities. Depressive phase will lead the patients feeling anger, changing their appetite and having worse thought of doing suicide. Bipolar disorder never chooses its victims. It can strike both men and women, including a woman in a pregnant condition. For this special condition, treatment of bipolar disorder should be done carefully.

What is the best treatment of bipolar disorder in pregnancy?

In general treatment of bipolar disorder is done into two steps. The first step is called medication. Doctors will give certain medication to the patients to treat their depression situation. If you are pregnant, you should consulate to your doctors so they will not give Depakote to treat your bipolar disorder. Depakote can be harmful for the fetus. Another drug that is usually given for the patients who have bipolar disorder is Lithium. This drug is considered much safer for a woman who has mental illness in pregnant condition.

Treatment Of Bipolar DisorderThe second step of treatment of bipolar disorder is called psychotherapy. This kind of therapy is the best way for the therapists to find out here roots of the problem of the patients. In this session, patients can talk about anything, including family, marriage, work and friends also. Trauma and abuse can be the trigger of bipolar disorder. Loosing someone that is really loved can also be the trigger of this mental illness.

The case will be different when bipolar disorder is had by men. Although treatment of bipolar disorder in men is the same with women but this mental illness in men is more difficult to detect than in women.  It is because men like to keep their problem by themselves than share it other people including their family or friends. Most of them will drown themselves into their work, drugs or drinking. For example when a man with bipolar disorder is in depression and wants to calm himself down, he like to have alcohol and sedatives. That is why treatment of bipolar disorder should be done right away after the symptoms are found out before something much worse happen.

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