The Symptoms of Bipolar Depression Condition

Bipolar depression is a health disorder that is related with a person’s psychology.  One of the main symptoms of bipolar depression is primarily mood swings that experienced by a person.  This mood disorder usually happens in an extreme way. That becomes the reason of why this health disorder is called bipolar. A person will experience the extreme changing between manic mood and depressive mood in a sudden way just like the distance of two poles, South Pole and North Pole. A person who has bipolar can be in the normal mood but his/her mood can change into manic mood or depressive mood or even a mix between both, manic and depressive mood.

Many people still don’t know that bipolar is a kind of health disorder that should be treated as soon as possible. It needs to get the right treatment right away. Well, the facts show that most people who have this health disorder deny or don’t realize about it, especially men. When bipolar disorder symptoms in men are found, they like keep about it by themselves. It is related with men’s ego. It will make them embarrassed when they talk about their problems to other people including to their friends or family. This situation is contrast with women. They are more open to talk about their problems to their friends and also family. That is why when symptoms of bipolar disorder in women, they can get the right treatments to cure them sooner.

When symptoms of bipolar depression are revealed earlier, it will open the huge opportunity for the patients to be normal again.

Symptoms of bipolar depression can happen quite intense. This condition will affect the whole aspects of a person’s life, not only physic or psychology but also social health. This condition will get worse when this disease still remain untreated. When a person experiences a phase of depression, he/she will show symptoms bipolar disorder five or more for most of a day. In this phase, a person usually has a sleeping problem or insomnia. This situation will affect his/her energy level and appetite. This will make the person loss his/her weight.

Symptoms Of Bipolar DepressionIn depression condition, a person will show symptoms of bipolar depression such as feeling sadness, hopeless and unexplained anxiety all the time. He /she will feel uncomfortable and weary also no matter where the place is. He/she will also feel irritable, guilt and also worthless. The person also shows a sudden loss of interest in activities that he/she like to do or enjoy. The patient will also have difficulty to concentrate or be focus on one thought for a long time. This situation will be the trigger to drop in his/her performance in school or work.

Symptoms of bipolar depression will be change when the patients are in manic phase.

bipolar disorder symptoms in men - Symptoms Of Bipolar Depression

They will usually have huge and endless energy in this bipolar phase that makes them do not need much sleep. This situation will make them become very active, agitated, alert and also talkative. They usually like to talk in a rapid pattern. In manic phase, they will have great happiness but also feel irritable and anxious at the same time that can drag them experience hallucinations and delusions. Read more here to get information about the signs of bipolar too.

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