Signs of Bipolar Depression

Bipolar depression can be very serious when it doesn’t get the right treatments right away. Many people still think that health disorder is just normal to have. This situation happens as many of them don’t know exactly what kind diseases it is.  Bipolar is basically a serious condition that may be difficult to diagnose. That’s true! That is why when signs of bipolar depression show up, going to the specialist are the best way to do. They will do some tests to get the right diagnosis and finally to decide the best treatment. Many researches show that the sooner the patients get the right treatments; they will have higher opportunities to be normal again.

One of the main signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder is extreme mood swings. Because of this reason, it is called bipolar. The patients will have experience of changing moods suddenly and extremely. They can be very depressed and at the same time they can be very happy, just like to two poles that are very contrast.  Patients can be in the normal moods also in these two other moods, mania and depression. It is also possible for the patients to experience a mixed episode between manic and depressive behavior.

What are signs of bipolar depression of manic and depressive phase?

Go here to get information the basic symptoms of bipolar depression in manic phase can cause the patients having endless energy. They are very active, agitated and alert. These condition will make them do not need much sleep. They can be very talkative and usually in a rapid pattern.  They will have supreme happiness but at the same time they can be irritable, anxious and impatient also. This condition can be the trigger of racing thoughts and a wrong sense of self-importance that will make them have delusions and also hallucinations.

Signs Of Bipolar DepressionThe signs of bipolar in depressive phase include a deep and persistent sadness. The patients will experience hopeless feeling and no longer have any interest. These will make them have no energy and change their sleeping habit. In that phase, the patients will sleep a lot and when they wake up, they usually feel weak and even speak slowly. Other basic signs of bipolar depression in depressive phase can be also appetite changes, crying jags, anger and worse thoughts of suicide. Many patients feel useless and hopeless, so the best thing to do is taking suicide.

When signs of bipolar depression are recognized, they should not be ignored.

The facts show that other people around the patients such as friends, family or partners realize about those signs before the patients know that they have bipolar health problem. Many of bipolar patients deny having bipolar and when finally they find out they have this health disorder, most of them can’t accept those condition. This can make bipolar disorder worse. That’s why people around the patient’s weather family or friends never stop to encourage and love the patients to get the best treatments to be back normal again.

signs and symptoms of bipolar depression - Signs Of Bipolar Depression

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  1. great research ma’am

    I am feeling myself depressive and many time thinks to suicide to save from all the problems and issues but when I seen my 2 lovely daughters then I cancelled the decision. talking depression medicines also very sensitive and immediatly feeling each word of family members, wife and co-workers each attitude hearting me. so help me and reply me at my email.


  2. Georgalakis Dimitris

    Hello, I just read your article and I find myself to be related in every word. The thing is that I abuse hard drugs for about 15 years now and if there is a psychosis hidden behind this problem I am having, the symptoms can be attributed to the substance abuse. I am really lucky I have my family in my side, supporting me any way they can, they also see a psychologist that after 6 years of psychologists, programs, psychiatrists and more or less any kind of joker in the drug business, this is the first time we are able to communicate. As for bipolar decease, wouldn’t you think that my psychiatrist would have seen that? Another huge problem is that the medication I am taking is also fit for bipolar, so it might be suppressed by these meds. I really believe I made myself after all these years to be ill, without return… I knew this day would come and I really need to know so I can fight the problem, cause I ain’t giving up!

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