Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

The bipolar disorder actually hits almost 6 million people in the Unites States alone. This data shows that anyone of use could easily have this kind of mental health issue. In fact, there are some of people among us that actually have this condition but they go undetected because we are not aware of their condition. We may thing that they are only the normal people with healthy mental condition but many times they can show the symptoms of bipolar disorder. This could be really dangerous because they can hurt themselves or other people. And that is why the early acknowledgement about their condition will be able to really help them.

The bipolar disorder is the kind of mental health that makes people who have them to experience the rapid changes on their mood condition. This kind of condition also makes people to call it as the mood swing. The changing of the mood sometimes occurred in a very radical way. They can be very happy or being manic at one time, and go to the depressive mode in the other time. A lot of factors can cause this kind of symptoms of bipolar disorder and each one of them will require the different treatment.

The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder with Different Sexes

The symptoms of bipolar disorder for men and women are actually not very different. The main difference for this kind of thing mainly caused by the hormonal different between both sexes. The women will likely to have more depressive symptoms than the manic condition. Meanwhile, the men who have this condition will have the balance amount of the manic and depressive episode on their mood condition.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder for both sexes will be divided into two categories for the different kind of episode. And this will define how we can identify the patients who indeed have this condition on their mental health.

symptoms of bipolar disorder in menThe manic episode will usually be shown by the energetic feeling of the patients. They will have the full energy even when they only get a small amount of sleep every day. Some of the patients will even have the condition where they can’t sleep at all, but they still have the urge to do daily activities energetically. This can look as a tamed condition, but actually it is very dangerous for them. The lack of sleep will definitely break their whole body system and make them weaker from day to day.

Meanwhile, the symptoms of bipolar disorder which shown with the depressive mode can be identified by the lack of the energy on the body of the patients. When they have this kind of episode, they will not want to come out of the bed and spend a lot of time to sleep in it. But still, when they eventually wake up, they will have the weak body like they haven’t rested for a long time.

symptoms of bipolar disorder

On more acute mental health condition, the patients with the symptoms of bipolar disorder will even have the urge to end their life. The guidance from the family members will be able to help them to get the better mental health condition.

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