Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

The usage of the statistic is not limited on punching the number to see the simple conclusion from the data. But the statistic has a lot more powerful function that will help us in many ways, including the research for the psychology paper. In fact, the relationship between the research methods and statistics in psychology is really strong that the researchers should always use both of them to make the acceptable conclusion from their papers. And this article is all about the relationship between those two and how they are connected with each other.

The Link between the Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

The main relation between the psychology research methods with the statistic that is used in the research is mainly based on how the students process the data and the numerical information they get. The data is mainly numerical because it is the only thing that will be able to be processed with the help of the statistic method. And the statistic will be used to really define the conclusion of the psychology data that is gathered before.

Research Methods and Statistics in PsychologySo, the big picture of the process will be started with the researchers look for the hypothesis on their research paper. Then, it will be continued when they are looking for the operational definition of the variables that they will use on the research. And the numbers for the variables will be gathered with the help from the research instrument, such as the paper of observation, interviews or the list of question in psychology. And right then, the usage of the statistic will be able to be seen.

The link between the research methods and statistics in psychology will be clearly seen when the students have got the whole data for the research. The data should be then converted into the numerical system so it will be able to be analyzed with the statistic formula. And from this thing, the researchers will be able to see the conclusion of the research along with the truth of the hypothesis that has been formulated before.

The Simulation of the Usage of Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

Let’s assume that the students or the researchers have made the hypothesis on the social psychology that are based on how the education affects the way a person interact with the other people around them. The researcher will likely to make the hypothesis from the start of the research which is the temporary conclusion that still needs to be proven with the research. So, they will gather the data regarding this thing, including the level of the education of the person and their status in the society.

So, with the relation between the research methods and statistics in psychology, the data on those things will be analyzed with the computer based on the suitable statistic model. Not only that the researchers will get the result regarding the trueness of the hypothesis, but they will also have the other benefit from this, including the changes in the education and the society along with the prediction of the variables in the future.

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