Research in Psychology Methods and Design

The research in psychology methods and design are the basic of all the things that you will put in the research paper. The methods are the pathway that you will follow in order to make the research paper that you are writing, and the design is the whole picture of the research that you are going to make it real with the research paper. Those facts make this thing really important for the best that you can give for your paper. And that is why you are required to understand these things and always follow the rule to define the truth of your research paper.

The methods from the research in psychology methods and design will be divided mainly into three kinds. The casual, correlation and experimental psychology research are them. Usually, the choosing for this kind of thing will be done by looking at the objective of the research itself. And that will be the main thing that can define the kind of the method that will be used for the research.

The Categorizing of Research in Psychology Methods and Design

Categorizing of Research in Psychology Methods and DesignThe casual is also called as the scientific psychology research, in which the researcher will do the research by looking for the information from the beginning of the research to the very last conclusion of the data. The correlation researches are based on looking for the relation or the causality between two or more variables that are being used as the object from the psychology research. And the experimental one is the research to see the truth behind the theories that are being formulated before the beginning of the psychology research.

The choosing for the method of the research in psychology methods and design can’t be done vainly or merely on the preference of the researcher. The researchers should be able to see the kind of variables that will be used, the definition of the variables, the measurement, and how they will process all those things to achieve the result of the research. And all those aspects can only be determined by using the design for the research in psychology.

The psychology research design is the thing that will define the observation, the measurement, the definition, the process, the instruments and all of the other aspects that will be needed in order to do the psychological research paper. Therefore, many people also call this as the brain, body and the foundation of the research papers that are being made by the students. The design usually consists of the true-experiment and the quasi-experiment design of the research.

The quasi-experiment design from the research in psychology methods and design is the one that will define the aspect of the research by looking at the data of variable from the comparison. It will compare the information before the experiment and after the experiment was done to the object of the research.

Meanwhile, the true-experiment is usually used on the randomized data from the variable for the random research. The data from this thing usually are less reliable but easier to be gathered from the object of the psychology research.

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