How Long Does Bipolar Depression Last

Today bipolar depression is very common psychological illness that can be had by many people. It is very essential to go seeing specialist to diagnose this illness when some symptoms are found. The patients need to be diagnosed specifically and carefully. This way is very important to get the right medication and therapy. When a person gets bipolar depression symptoms, it‘s going to lead the question how long does bipolar depression last.

There is no certainty about bipolar depression. Every case for every patient will need different treatments, therapy and different time to be cured. Basically there are two common types of bipolar depression which are Bipolar I and II. The sooner the signs of bipolar depression are revealed, it will give huge opportunity for the patients to be cured and normal again as soon as possible. That is why it is very important to get diagnosis of the patients properly right away to get the proper treatments.

Bipolar depression treatment will be given to the patients based on the symptoms and the time of those symptoms have lasted. Specialist doctors will give the treatments to the patients depending on how severity of their conditions. Medication is usually given to control the symptoms of the patients’ mood, mania and depression. The fact of how long does bipolar depression last is going to be the consideration for the doctors to give kinds of medication that should be had by the patients.

Medication is still considered become best treatment for bipolar depression

Bipolar depression is a psychological disorder between manic phase and depressive phase in an extreme way. Symptoms of bipolar depression in manic period that usually find is feeling very active and happy. The patients seem have supreme energy to do anything. They like to talk and talk all the time. This condition make them don’t need much sleep. When the patients are in a highly active condition, the most common medicine that is given is lithium.

How Long Does Bipolar Depression LastAnother type of medicine that is used is the anti – depressants. From its name, it is clear that this medicine is used when the patients is in depressive conditions. This period has some symptoms such as deep sadness, feeling so hopeless and having no interest in doing anything including the favorite things that the patients usually like to do. Doses of those medicines can’t be different form one patient with another based on the time of how long does bipolar depression last and how severe the patients conditions.

Keeping bipolar depression untreated will make this illness become worse. When finally the patients are treated “how long does bipolar depression last” will be the first consideration for the doctors to make diagnosis and then finally give them what kinds of medicines and doses should the patients take. It can be concluded that kinds of bipolar symptoms and also the time of this illness last will influence the treatments and medications. Another thing that should be always remember is that getting the treatment and medication for bipolar depression earlier  will give big chance to the patients to be back normal again.

types of depression symptoms - How Long Does Bipolar Depression Last

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  1. John Walsh

    Six years ago I crashed after a manic episode and have been severely depressed ever since. I’ve used several meds and they don’t have any effect.For the last 4 yrs I;ve been using Zyprexa. I’ve gained 50 lbs and am now diabetic. further reason for being depressed.

    • Amy F

      Have you tested to yoga or meditation, maybe that can be your solutions..

  2. Innigleletce and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

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